The National Dictionary of Building and Plumbing Terms combines terms and definitions from:

  • NCC

    The National Construction Code (NCC) 2019 Amendment 1
    © The Commonwealth of Australia and the States and Territories

  • Standards

    Australian Standards (AS) referenced in the NCC
    © Standards Australia Limited

  • Standards

    Australian / New Zealand Standards (AS/NZS) referenced in the NCC
    © Standards Australia Limited/the Crown in right of New Zealand, administered by the New Zealand Standards Executive

  • HB50

    Handbook 50:2004 Glossary of Building Terms (HB50)
    © Property Council of Australia Limited

These sources are not exhaustive in the building and construction industry in Australia.

In all cases, please refer to the original sources of the relevant definitions. The National Dictionary is in no way a substitute for the NCC, AS Standards, AS/NZS Standards or State and Territory legislation.

The definitions for terms in these publications are often different. This website aims to:

  • help industry find the right definition
  • highlight consistency and conflicts
  • provide a general hierarchy of results to assist interpretation

To know more about the NCC please visit Australian Building Codes Board. To know more about the related standards please visit Standards Australia.

Hierarchy of definitions

In general, the following order of precedence applies when viewing terms and definitions:

NCC Standards HB50

However, users should make their own decision as to which term or definition is relevant or applicable to their specific circumstances. This website is for general information only and is not intended to provide or substitute professional advice on the subject matter.


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